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Skiing is becoming more and more popular every season, and it is one of the favorite winter sports, because it brings us into contact with nature while exercising our muscles altogether, because it is one of the sports in which more parts of the body come into play.

Skiing is a complete activity and a sport for which high physical fitness is required. But not only is physical form essential for the excellent development of skiing. The equipment is necessary, and it is the tool that will allow us a perfect execution of the activity and avoid injuries.

All parts of the body must be properly protected with garments that protect us from the cold and facilitate our mobility while protecting us from possible injuries. One of the most important parts of the ski equipment is the fixations that have the function of protecting us from injuries, as they keep the body parts attached.

Another essential part of the equipment is the ski boots. We must buy some that are ideally suited to our needs as we will spend long hours practicing sport. It is necessary to facilitate a grip of the ankle and other parts of the foot to avoid injuries, but we do not have to forget that excellent mobility is essential for the better development of the activity. Functional boots have to combine both.

The skis are another fundamental part of the equipment, and that is that with them is how we will travel throughout the whole day. If we are beginners, it is better to choose shorter skis that are easier to handle, although the slide is not the same as with older skis. It is essential that skis stop correctly and that we practice this break before we get on track because it is essential to know how to stay in situations of danger.

The Canes are one of the parts of the equipment that will help us move around. But in the event of a fall, they can cause injuries to our fingers, thumbs of our hands, as by holding on to them, this can happen to us. To avoid this, we need to use sticks with ergonomic handles that fit the sides. We should never put our hands in the rubber bands that accompany the handle as the risk of injury increases.

Ski clothes are another essential part of the equipment, and you have to keep the body heat in the best possible way. We should not forget that skiing is a physical activity and therefore sweat, the ration will be high because of mobility. For this reason, the clothes have to sweat and remove excess moisture while maintaining the proper temperature so that our body does not cool.

The clothes that should make up the ski dress have to be a monkey, a windbreaker or windbreaker, gloves, hat, and an important part are the sunglasses that have the function of protecting our eyes from the sun’s rays that by reflecting on the snow can damage our corneas. Therefore, the glasses have to be dark and approved for the practice of skiing.