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Ski Clubs in USA (Sun valley)

We think that sometimes size is not the most important thing, but if you are the one that you care about and you don’t like to repeat, here we present the ranking of the largest ski resorts in the United States and Canada

  1. PARK CITY (Utah – USA)

Sits in second place in the ranking of 2.750 hectares, arising out of the controversial union Park City and Canyons in the past 2015. The total investment was 182,5 million dollars disbursed by the giant of the management of ski resorts, Vail Resorts, up to now the most prominent immersion carried out in a ski resort. The station offers more than 300 tracks of all levels.

  1. BIG SKY (Montana-USA).

It is the third-largest in North America with 2,300 hectares, but it would be the largest in the United States if we added up Yellowstone Ski Club’s private ski domain, as we would talk about a total of 3,250 hectares of skiing practically the same size as Whistler. The ski slope is also among the largest in North America. It is also the most popular ski resort in Montana.

  1. VAIL (Colorado-USA).

Its 2,140 hectares take it to the fourth place in the ranking, and to be the largest in Colorado; it is equipped with 28 modern lifts. The famous ski resort is located in Eagle County, Colorado, next to the city of Vail. In about two hours you can get from Denver International Airport to Vail by private vehicle.

  1. HEAVENLY (California – United States)

It has 1,942 hectares of land and is ranked first in the state of California and fifth in all of North America. A famous station with 24 lifts and 1,154 meters of elevation on the shores of Lake Tahoe, stunning views, and excellent services.

Heavenly Mountain Resort, in Tahoe South, has all the necessary services, although no accommodation is available. This ski resort is an hour’s drive from Reno-Tahoe International Airport and is well served by direct bus services. A cable car takes you from the resort to the slopes.

  1. BACHELOR (Oregon – USA).

1,490 hectares place this station virtually unknown to the international skier in eighth place in the ranking of the largest in North America. Equipped with ten lifts, among seven high-speed elevators, it offers various labialized itineraries for the outside runway and provides all the services that a station of this size requires. It averages almost 8 meters of accumulated snow per year, which guarantees a long season that usually goes until May.

  1. SQUAW VALLEY (California – USA).

One thousand four hundred fifty-six hectares are placed in the ninth position of the ranking. There is an extension pending; if this were to happen, it would become the third-largest in North America. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in Lake Tahoe. Has 27 ski lifts transporting skiers. The winter sports area is between 1,890 and 2,760 m.

  1. WHISTLER BLACKCOMB. (British Columbia – Canada).

It leads the ranking with Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, offering no less than 3,300 hectares of skiable area. It is located in British Columbia, Canada, relatively close to Vancouver (134 km).

One of the attractions most emblematic is the Peak 2 Peak, an iconic cable car of the three wires that joins the two mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb, among which is the village/station) and reaches a height on the vacuum of 436 m in a distance of over three kilometers between towers providing exceptional views over the British Columbia.

It hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics and continues to breathe white sport from the valley to the top, all within the spectacular Lake Tahoe setting.