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Ski Betting

How to Bet on Skiing?

If you ever wondered how can you place a skiing sports bet on your favorite athletes, then you must be a fan of watching the sport of skiing. This sport is happening during the winter season and you have plenty of time from October to March to place your bets. Like many sports, you can bet on both men and women and many more different competitions that you can target. The basis of how to bet on skiing are not that difficult, but placing the bets at first is. Not many people make bets on skiers and that is a chance to be one of the best and make some real money if you learn how. The easiest and most practical way is online sports betting.

Different Types

There are many different types of skiing competitions and styles of skiing that you make sports betting on Alpine ski World Cup, such as slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom, downhill skiing, super combined, ski jumping and biathlon.
Alpine skiing is growing in popularity thanks to its television displays and provides some unusual opportunities for the smart betters. The number of disciplines – slalom, giant slalom and super giant slalom, plus a super-combined event which involves one downhill and one slalom run on the same day. Some competitors are strong across the majority of disciplines and some competitors are specialists in one or two. These competitors are worth to catch your eye in the Alpine skiing outright and podium finish markets in the individual events.

Odds Example

Most of the skiing bets are straight-up wagers on who will win the race. The bets may be for a specific type of skiing event, such as Cross Country, Alpine skiing, Ski jumping, and Biathlon. The skiing bets are presented as following – ski jumper 1 – 260 and ski jumper 2 +150. The first ski jumper is the favorite and we know that because of the negative number next to him and the figure explains how much will a person win if they bet on him. The bettor would win $1 for every $2.60 they spend wagering on and they would win $1.50 for every $1 spent on ski jumper 2.

Strategy and Tips

Skiing betting can be very profitable if you choose the right sportsbook and compare the odds. Always do research on the sport you bet on and odds before you bet. Online betting sites with a good reputation offer the best conditions for skiing lovers and reward their bettors with casino bonus. But make sure to compare the odds before placing your bets. Some online betting sites are better than other. To make some serious amount of money, it’s safer for the bettors to bet on reputable online sportsbooks and skiers. Never wager blindly.

Best Online Casino Sites for Ski Betting

The best online casinos and betting sites online offer many casino bonuses you can get, such as welcome bonus, no deposit bonus and reload bonus. Here are the top five best betting sites and best casinos you need to know about and to make a habit to bet on and why to play in these online casinos.

  1. Bet365 – This is one of the best betting sites worldwide for online betting and it has an excellent mobile platform, which provides you to your bets anytime and anywhere.
  2. BetOnline – This is also one of the best betting sites online and one of the earliest online sportsbooks to release lines on major American sports. It has even political, entertainment and mainstream prop bets. It’s very modern and offers many different payout options, even with bitcoin.
  3. Intertops – One of the oldest and the best betting sites online with the best sportsbooks. They provide their players with unique bonuses. It has a great customer service team and they are very professional.
  4. Bodog Sportsbook – This is one more of the best betting sites online and it offers the most recognized brands in the sports betting website business. Bodog Sportsbook has one of the best software platforms for sports betting.
  5. Ladbrokes – It offers a wide number of betting markets on a daily basis. This is one of the best betting sites with an exceptionally strong focus on ski racing, football, and rugby.

Alternatively, you can make a stop at Top10Casinos and explore the ski-themed games that could grant you real money winnings. Plus, some online casinos have their own sportsbooks, meaning you can play real money casino games and place bets on skiing from the same account. Regardless of your option, you will have a safe betting experience with competitive odds, fair terms, and fast payouts.

As we’ve explained, betting on skiing isn’t much different from other sports. With the help of our guide, you can make this an even better experience. Pick one of the suggested brands and place your bets.